Amazing franchises deserve amazing software
Flexible storefront design
Pricing, discounts, and promotions
Customer group segmentation & price lists
Optimized search, browse, & checkout
Scalable infrastructure
Enhanced franchisee/user management
Comprehensive order oversight
Purchase checklists and subscriptions
Budgeting and spend management
Altus Commerce
Our Benefits
Altus Commerce can simplify your supplies purchasing processes by offering powerful procurement capabilities as an extension to any modern eCommerce platform.

Altus Commerce is the first platform of its kind to empower BOTH franchisors and franchisees to streamline procurement activities, improve franchise operations, leverage buying power, and protect your brand to create a better recipe for growth.
Streamline purchasing across all vendors and suppliers through a single catalog, storefront, cart, and control panel
A true one-stop
Purchasing power
Leverage your buying power across all franchisees to lower pricing, secure product availability, and achieve higher rebates tiers
Simplified workflows enable your franchisees to spend less time managing supplies and more time on customer acquisition and retention
Maximize efficiency
Sourcing controls reduce the chance for harmful products to enter your franchisees supply chain
Minimize risk
Utilize at-a-glance KPIs to monitor supplier performance and product compliance to ensure consistent customer experiences
Consistent experience
Give users a modern interface for ordering and managing supplies. Our platform is built in partnership with leading eCommerce platforms
Power of eCommerce
What can you do with Altus Commerce?
Business & User Management
Setup and modify franchisees, locations , and users
Import franchisee and user data sets from existing data sources
Define shared shipping addresses and payment options for each location
Enable users to setup personal payment methods
Assign users to franchisees or individual locations to allow them to create orders, checklists, subscriptions, and budgets.
Order History
View, filter, and sort orders across franchisees, locations, and users

Drill into order details (products, quantities, payment, shipping info, tracking, and a complete timeline of order activities)

and Subscriptions
Add lists to a shopping cart or convert to a subscription in one click
Share lists and subscriptions with other locations or users
Create item or cart-level subscriptions for essential supplies
Skip upcoming subscriptions or place a subscription on pause
Customize subscription delivery start dates and frequency
Custom Approval Workflows
Flexible conditional statements capture and assign orders to individual or groups for review and approval
Approval workflows can be customized by the franchsior and/ or each franchisee
Approve or decline orders on-the-go via email, SMS, or via the responsive app
Capture and share approval comments to ensure alignment on next steps
Order Planner
Visualize and filter order volume across multiple locations via a monthly or weekly calendar view
Monitor month-to-date and daily spend at a glance
Quickly identify upcoming subscriptions
Identify and resolve order exceptions
and approvals
Drill into order and shipment details to see when shipments will arrive
Receive proactive alerts if budget is at risk or was exceeded
Identify substantial spend areas and violations to improve spend practices and increase profits
Identify fixed assets for depreciation reporting
Export transaction classifications for simplified accounting and tax management
Allow each franchisee to create custom budgets and spend categories
Budgeting and Spend
Ready to learn more?
Altus Commerce is designed to help franchisors and franchisees more easily manage their operating supplies.
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